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AGCA Key Learnings from demonstration schools.

The Australian Guidance and Counselling Association has gathered data through multiple methodologies. This data has informed development of products outlining strategies and processes to support students with high needs within a whole of school context.

The AGCA conducted structured interviews using:

1. Program Activity Reports which have provided data relating to:

        •  i. Expected outcomes for SWHSN and all young people
        •  ii. Context and target groups
        •  iii. Milestones and deliverables ( based on WHO model)
        •  iv. Sustainability plans

2.Individual and focus group discussions with staff and students.

3.Observations from cluster-sharing the learning sessions.

The following learnings have emerged from this data and relate to the AGCA findings only and do not form part of the formally commissioned Evaluation.

Learnings have clustered into the four key areas:

        •  i. building capacity of the school as an organisation including links to partners
        •  ii. building capacity of SWHSN within a whole school approach
        •  iii. building capacity of the staff within a whole school approach
        •  iv. the program experience

Within each set of learnings enabling factors and challenges have emerged.

Key learnings - full document. Click here to download.