The idea of providing counselling services via the internet is becoming a more accepted mode of support. For example, a quick search of the net will reveal a number of agencies and commercial organisations that are now offering this service.

If a student can access the school counsellor via a synchronous mechanism such as a chat room, students especially boys, may be more willing to seek help. Online counselling is already being used. Kids Help Line provides web counselling to supplement their national telephone counselling service. Benefits of providing online counselling through the school website.

   • The school counsellor has knowledge of the local community & how services can be accessed
   • The school counsellor is identifiable to students and is thereby not seen as a total stranger
   • The service can provide students with a sense of anonymity through a ‘one step removed’ effect
   • Students tend to perceive the counselling relationship as a more balanced interaction thereby being more conducive for student use

A five-minute promotional movie exploring the application of online counselling in a secondary school setting.

The purpose of this PDF guide is to assist school counsellors and psychologists in establishing online support for students with high needs in the area of mental health (SHN) in secondary schools.

It provides a step by step guide to setting up a similar process in a secondary school, and incorporates suggestions and considerations which may need to be adapted to the local setting.

The guide should be read in conjunction with the DVD, Talk 2 Me.