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The Australian Journal of Guidance and Counselling is published annually, and presents articles of relevance to all areas of guidance and counselling. Papers may address theoretical, practical, professional or training issues and may focus on educational or psychological topics.


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Some example articles:

School Mental Health Promotion - Theoretical, Conceptual and Practical Issues.
- Louise Rowling, University of Sydney, Australia.

In reviewing the foundations of school mental health promotion, prevailing dilemmas and challenges become evident. These include the ideologies of stakeholders about mental health; decision-making about entry points around risk and protective factors, and/or social context; and ethical and methodological problems in research and evaluation.

Download document: AGCA_13_1_Rowling.pdf

Identification of "At-risk" Students for Prevention and Early Intervention Programs in Secondary Schools.
- Marilyn A Campbell, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Recent epidemiological studies in Australia have found that adolescent mental health issues are an important public health problem. As many as one in five Australian children aged from 4 to 17 have significant mental health concerns, however, only one in four of these young people receive professional help. To assist in preventing these problems, schools in Australia have been trialling innovative strategies in mental health promotion, prevention and intervention.

Download document: GC14.1_CAMPBELL.pdf