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MindMatters Plus (MM+) is grounded within and builds upon MindMatters, a national secondary school mental health promotion initiative for all secondary school students. MindMatters has developed into a suite of initiatives and MM+ comprises an integral component of this approach to student wellbeing.

The implementation of MindMatters highlighted the need for specially targeted and tailored interventions for those students with high mental health needs, in addition to a general health awareness and promotion initiative for all students. Consequently, the MM+ initiative was designed to extend the work of MindMatters, in terms of addressing the needs of those students with high support needs in the area of mental health.

The aim of the MM+ initiative is to build the capacity of secondary schools to ensure optimal mental health outcomes for students at risk. This is particularly important given the findings of a number of national studies on mental health in young people (e.g. Sawyer, 2000; Zubrick, et al 1995), which indicate that as many as one in five students may experience mental health problems. The World Health Organisation has also estimated that approximately twenty to thirty percent of young people require additional support by way of a range of specific promotion, prevention and intervention strategies (WHO, 1994).