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Student Engagement
in MindMatters Plus

We know that a student’s positive engagement with school is linked to the positive mental health of that student. Positive engagement assists a student to develop the human connections and resilience that reduces the risk of developing later mental health problems.

What do students themselves say about what assists them to engage successfully with school? The MindMatters Plus Project looked at existing studies of what students are currently saying that helps them to engage successfully with school. This research summarised the existing literature in the overlapping area of school engagement, student voice and students with high support needs in the area of mental health.

MindMatters Plus has a particular concern with students who are at greater risk of having high support needs in the area of mental health. These students are often less likely to voice their opinion and concerns to adults and, as a consequence, less is often known about what they are saying.

As a result it was appropriate to title this research into Student Engagement as “Unheard Voices”.


The Student Engagement Research Project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.