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MindMatters Plus Resources

By early July a series of topic sheets, tip sheets, DVD's and workbooks containing practical strategies to support students with high needs in mental health will be available to download on this website.

these materials will be invaluable for School welfare team members who want to...

...know more about building the capacity of students, staff and school community to support young people with high needs in mental health

...find out about how teachers and peers can work more effectively together to build positive relationships

...be more informed so you know what is happening for the students around you and why.

...ensure that whatever processes and strategies you put in place mesh with and maintain the ‘core business’ of students and teachers

...ensure that any strategies you put in place build acceptance of difference by students and teachers;

...work with students in partnership to enhance their decision-making and control over life circumstances, including in the areas of learning and support.

Keep checking this website for the anticipated release of these materials.

Click here to find out more about what materials will be included.

Stay tuned for more developments...

Also coming soon:

A step by step self paced workbook and DVD to help school counsellors set up identification processes for SHN and develop targeted interventions using recommended programs

A DVD and work book on how to set up internet referrals and on line counselling in your school

A DVD, decision making tool and organiser's manual (one for students and one for teachers) with strategies to encourage teachers and students to work in partnership to develop an ethos of care where students support students.