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The whole school approach.

MindMatters Plus uses the whole school approach that is informed by the World Health Organisation's Health Promoting Schools Framework (WHO, 1994), but within this focuses on students who experience high mental health support needs, as well as those who are vulnerable to developing difficulties at some time in the future.

This project has:

        • Examined a range of health promotion and early intervention resources that are available;

        • Offered a broad-ranging selection of complementary programs that address various mental health issues;

        • Provided professional development training and in-school support to the whole school community;

        • Supported demonstration schools to describe pre-existing as well as emerging school processes and strategies that support students, including the identification of students requiring enhanced support, support mechanisms within the school's organisation and procedures, teaching and learning strategies, referral pathways and methods of coordinated care;

        • Supported the further development of pathways to care;

        • Brokered and encouraged partnerships between schools and the wider community that support students (e.g. with mental health services, general practice and other community agencies);

        • Begun describing and disseminating examples of coordinated approaches between existing health programs, education initiatives, school sites, staff and communities, in partnership with the Australian Principals Associations Professional Development Council.